Coupe Spanish Saffron – 4 grams


  •  STRAIGHT FROM THE FARM: Unlike other brands of saffron that are not pure, have no aroma, and come in plastic bags without sturdy packaging to keep fresh, saffron by Movalyfe is straight from a small family farm in Spain that has been picking saffron for 5 generations.
  • UNMATCHED AROMA: Isn’t a great Paella like a taste of heaven in the mouth? Only saffron of the best quality, purity, and freshness can bring the taste of heaven to the earth! Love good food? Love cooking and entertaining? Choose Movalyfe Saffron. The unmatched purity, aroma, and flavor of Movalyfe Saffron will make your cooking tantalizing, and everyone who has a taste will fall in love.
  • FREE DECORATIVE VINTAGE SPOON INCLUDED: A vintage spoon is included for those who love the luxurious feel of cooking with saffron. It makes the best gift for that amazing chef in your family, or anyone looking to spice up their cooking!
  • BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: We are a small family-run saffron importer based in Florida. We love traveling and tasting good food. We went to Spain numerous times in search of the perfect small saffron farm to bring the best Saffron to you. We stand for quality and integrity. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a full refund.


The secret to a slice of heaven for your taste buds! 

Purist Spanish Saffron coming directly from the farm brings the exotic, creativity and style to your dinner table!

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. It has to be picked by hand. It takes 75,000 flowers to make just one pound of saffron! It’s also known to have properties that ward off cancer, increase vitality, and aid weight loss. When you cook with pure saffron, its amazing aroma can add heaven-like flavor to your dish. However, many people are disappointed when paying so much for a substandard product.
Why? When the saffron you buy is not of high quality, not pure, or not fresh, it is simply like throwing a few pieces of straw into your dish.

Why is our saffron better?

• Our saffron is sourced and hand picked from a small family farm in Spain that has been harvesting saffron for 5 generations. Our saffron farm is not a massive corporation that values cash over flavor.
• Our saffron is pure and fresher than many other brands.
• Unlike other brands that import spices in bulk and package the saffron after landing in the USA, our saffron is packaged in individually sealed boxes in Spain from the farm, which better preserves the freshness and aroma.

What will it do for you?

• No longer add flavorless straws into your fancy dish!
• Love good food? The amazing flavor of our saffron will make your mouth water…..
• Love to entertain? Our saffron will be the secret of your Spanish cooking, leaving your family and guests amazed and coming back for more!

We are a small family-run saffron importer based in Florida. We have traveled the world to uncover an untapped source of saffron from a farm that truly knows the magic of harvesting the best saffron.
We Know You Will Love It or Your Money Back! No Questions Asked!

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